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What advantage to an Academy Ball specification over a high quality 2pc range ball?

It varies depending on the range ball, typically you gain more distance with the mid-irons (or rather lose much less distance) and gain a few more yards with the Driver, sometimes the distance gains are quite considerable showing up how much lose of distance with some very high profile range balls. Feel and spin is also important as is flight trajectory.

The Academy Tour Distance is up there with top retail ball flight throughout the bag and our latest product addition. We regularly test all competitors products at our factory and have several U.K. independent flight test results from range operators comparing The Academy Balls, our i90 and i80 range balls against various alternatives. If in doubt please apply for the data - Whilst we know the facts as measured at our factory, we only offer independent data if requested so there can be no claim of factory bias.

The 1pc i90 is a Range Ball, so what advantage do I gain against distributor or branded products?

As with The Academy Ball and Academy Distance it depends on what you compare, please refer to notes on test data in answer Question 1.

The i90 holds a good distance up to 200 yards, actually flying further than many quality 2pc range balls through mid-irons however, crucially, it loses distance with the driver, up to 30-yards through the air. This specification is therefore ideal for those with fencing concerns, pegging back big hitters whilst allowing meaningful practice with mid-irons flying their correct distance. This is far preferable to reduced distance balls that result in even a short iron losing considerable distance, that is not what suits good practice, lower handicaps in particular will appreciate this ball for iron play.

Tell me about the i80?

It's exactly the same ball at manufacture as the i90 with reduced compression, just deduct 10 yards flight through the air with a driver and 5-7 yards with mid- irons, it's ideal for those with short field space yet still offers good feel and flight characteristics. This would be considered a reduced flight ball.

Iím concerned about importing and booking a forward delivery, what protection and guarantee?

Apart from the lead-time you won't even notice it's a direct import. We deal with everything for you and simply deliver with a UK Sterling invoice on credit, there is no risk whatsoever. Golfee Products are secure in their long-standing quality references, we are contractors to the R & A for The Open Championship Practice Grounds, we have been serving the industry for 30-years, there is nothing to fear, we would be devastated to have an unhappy customer and offer a full guarantee from our U.K. company.

Do I have to wait a long time for delivery?

It depends on the time of year. We manufacture, logo, lacquer and deliver to the docks in 2-4 weeks to meet weekly sailing schedules. The arrival time in UK is guaranteed at time of order and in last 3-years has proven to be accurate to within 48hrs. It will always be between 6-weeks and 3-months, our usual lead-time averages at 2-months from order but we quote week of delivery when ordering. The balls are very durable, it's easy to plan ahead a couple of months and schedule your requirements accordingly, we do not let anyone down with delivery dates because we are not reliant on containers.

Why wait for manufacture when you hold stock balls too?

Quite simply because you get better value for money and a unique specification. We do not stock our own manufactured balls because to do so would just increase the price, we would become another Distributor paying for containers, internal transport and storage costs. Our Stock Balls are good quality Range Balls for those seeking urgent delivery, they have some advantages over competitors, keenly priced and can be delivered in 48 hrs but we recommend our manufacture to order service as a method of increasing flight performance quality without increasing price – the additional bonus is your logo applied free of charge at point of manufacture, before lacquer application. Why advertise a brand when you can have your own brand or theft deterrent message on a superior ball and save money?

If I need stock urgently now, what can you offer?

Not our factory direct balls but new 2pc, used 2pc and various grades of lake balls are always available at competitive prices on 48 hrs delivery in U.K. or 72 hrs on European mainland. Please apply to check what is available, our stock is fast moving.